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Robin says that he, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Wacky, See-More and Billy are having dates at a restaurant (even though they can't date), but what if it's awkward?


(Outside of the school with Beast Boy and Raven)

Beast Boy: (sighs)

Raven: What's wrong?

Beast Boy: I lost my other girlfriend not Terra at the other school, Daniella.

Raven: Yeah. I was thinking about how Jinx has her (echoing) boyfriend.

Beast Boy: Yep. She's crazy! (he notices Robin, Starfire and Cyborg) Hey Cyborg! Do you have a girlfriend?

Cyborg: Yeah, her name is Trixie! And she loves me!

Raven: Woah! Isn't she the Halloween girl?

Cyborg: You bet it!

Robin: Cyborg, please stop! I will say this right now (clears throat) WE’RE HAVING A SIX DATE ADVENTURE! WOOO-

Starfire: So who's the six of the dates?

Robin: Well boy on dates are, Me, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Wacky and those other idiots!

Cyborg: Oh no! Not SEE-MORE!

(somehow Trixie, Jinx, Sweetie and Alice enter)

Trixie: Hey Cyborg!

Cyborg: Hey girl!

Alice: What are you EVEN doing you guys!? You know I have a boyfriend!

Beast Boy: I got my girlfriend her name is Raven!

Robin: Ok let me say one thing! We're having dates! I'm just waiting for the other boys then will go to a restaurant!

Jinx: Be quiet! I'm just waiting on my boyfriend!

Cyborg: Well I have my new girlfriend!

Sweetie: That girl with orange short hair?

Cyborg: Ok fine!

Trixie: Ok guys! I found out that Jinx has her COOL date!


Trixie: Well whatever! His name is-

Cyborg: I think we all know who he is!

Trixie: I know. Let me mention his name!

Cyborg: Ok! I got your back!

Trixie: His name is See-More, I just figured that out because I've been stalking him and Jinx lately!

Alice: You're aren't even supposed to STALK people!

(Wacky, Billy and See-More enter)

Wacky: Hey Alice, you look hot today!

Alice: Um, Wacky, what are you doing?

Wacky: Just like kissing you! (kisses Alice)

Everyone else except, Alice and Wacky: EW!

Wacky: Seriously guys!? You had to interrupt my romantic moment with ALICE!?

Billy: We just had to dude! Stop kissing YOUR girlfriend and be a man!

(Now in the lunchroom with the older kids)

Trixie: I can't believe I'm going with Cyborg to a restaurant!

Angelica: Now Trixie, If anyone dares you to kiss him, don't EVEN do it.

Trixie: Whatever. There's going to be six dates! I'm too excited!

Anise: Wait WHAT!? You mean SIX dates!?

Trixie: Yeah duh!

Alice: You mean seven dates! (she's lying there)

Angelica: No, there's six dates!

Water: Whoever said DATES is stupid!

Jinx: WHAT!? You're the one who is criticizing people!

Velvet: Whatever, you guys are so LAME right now and McBarf is DUMB.

Sweetie: Me!?

Velvet: Not you, just the other people!


Cloud E.: Just try not to use mean words you guys.

Everyone else: Okay?

Beast Boy and Starfire: We know a song! Let use sing it! (both of them start singing)

Beast Boy: Awkward six dating!

Starfire: Awkward six of the dates!

Beast Boy: I tried hard to get Rae Rae! So I have a date!

Starfire: I tried of the hard to get Robin! So I have the date!

Beast Boy and Starfire: We have our dates! We have our dates! We know what dates in our life so there's no need to feel down!

Beast Boy: It's just the same as usual so it's just....

Beast Boy and Starfire: Awkward six dating!

Starfire: As in the life we have the....

Beast Boy and Starfire: Awkward six-

Alice: Talk about annoying! Terrible!

Billy: Ok guys guess what! Me and my girlfriend are going be to be six wheels baby!

Sweetie: That's right everyone!

Robin: Great.. As I thought there were going to be six dates, but whatever..

See-More: Dude, are you kidding me!? I thought you didn't want six dates, yo! (white lying)

Cyborg: Well I have a better girlfriend!

See-More: Here we go again.. He's going to do this..


Robin: Not this again! Not this again!

Cyborg: What are you doing Robin?

Robin: Telling you to knock it-

See-More: (rolls his eyes) Why won't you two knock it off!?