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Jinx is tired of Gizmo not doing some chores for her, so she gives him his worst nightmare....BABY FOR A DAY! But he has to do chores as well.


(Meanwhile at H.I.V.E Tower)

Jinx: Gizmo, we need to talk about this!

Gizmo: Is it ABOUT Billy Numerous again!?

Billy: What did I do?

Jinx: What are you doing!?

Gizmo: Making a fort! So I can go to Japan for a week!

Jinx: Don't bother! Since you don't want to do SOME chores, I'll make you have your worst nightmare! BABY FOR A DAY and DOING CHORES!

Gizmo: But today's Friday! That's one day ahead! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!? (throws a tantrum and See-More chases after him) NOOOOOOOOOO! WHY-Y-Y!? WHY JINX!? I DON'T WANNA! (stops the tantrum) Why do I need to be a baby for a day!? Think of everything I've done!

(It starts showing flashbacks of Gizmo and then stops showing flashbacks)

Gizmo: I don't have much time to be a baby! (looks at Jinx and stomps away)

Mammoth: What's his problem?

Jinx: Oh please! You know what it is!

(meanwhile in Gizmo's room)

Gizmo: (mumbling)

See-More: (enters the room) What the matter, yo?

Gizmo: Jinx wants me to be a baby for a day!

See-More: Aww... Don't feel so bad I had to do that when I was five years old. And my sister wanted me to be a baby for a day, while me and my older brother were playing video games.

Gizmo: And doing chores?

See-More: Um, yeah. I had to do those.

Gizmo: Doesn't that REALLY mean I have to be a baby.

See-More: Well, just look like one. (hears some bongos) Don't tell me that's Angelica playing bongos!

(See-More gets out of the room and someone is playing bongos)

Angelica: Feel the beat while I'm playing bongos!


Angelica: I don't get out while I'm playing bongos!

(Billy and Mammoth laugh)

See-More: I was in the middle of TALKING to Gizmo! So get out and stop playing those bongos!

Angelica: BONGO-SOLO! (does a bongo solo)

See-More: (leaves and goes back to Gizmo's room)

Gizmo: Can I also talk to my person who I talk to privately?

See-More: Yeah! But that girl who's playing bongos is driving me nuts!

Gizmo: (sigh) I think it's time for bed. (sleeps and drools)



  • Gizmo breaks The Fourth Wall after he throws tantrum for being a baby for the next day.