"Waffles" ~ Beast Boy(Note: He's a TTG character! In my series he's a fifth grader, but he is the same size and the same voice)


Beast Boy is a TTG crossover character.

Personality Edit

He has a good personality sometimes (you know...) and loves saying waffles with Cyborg! He can also turn into animals!

Relationships Edit


He and Raven are crushin' on each other!


They are BFFs, and they love to do everything together, especially playing video games, saying "WAFFLES WAFFLES WAFFLES", and going crazy!

Trivia Edit

  • He is friends with Mammoth sometimes!
  • In Halloween like stupid enough to THROW UP!? he got smacked in the face by Robin!
  • He isn't smart..he gets Fs all the time
  • He and Cyborg have a "Waffles" club!
  • He made the worst turkey aka tofurkey!
  • He's a vegetarian!
  • He is in two gangs: Our Gang and Robin's Gang

List of FriendsEdit

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