"Hi everyone I'm Breeze E. Sky" ~ Me

Breeze E portrays 303melosi.


Personality Edit

She is shy sometimes when she meets someone, but one time she was crying(aka streamers making fun of her!) so Mallow wiped her tears so her and Mallow are best friends!

Relationships Edit

Mallow Edit

She knew that Breeze E. was crying so she wiped her tears off and became best friends with Breeze E.! They have some talks together and sometimes laugh at some videos on LoopsyTube! They're both scared of FNAF and hate Y8!

Quotes Edit

List of Quotes are here

Trivia Edit

  • She usually hangs out with the older kids sometimes.
  • She hates Streamers Carnivale, Giggly Fruit Drops and Tricky Mysterious because they make fun of her!
  • She said in Tofurkey she wants to try tofu.
  • In Christmas Music she and Mallow sang Jingle Bells and got some of the words wrong.
  • She hates Team Umizomi along with some of her other friends.
  • She watches TTG and goes on LoopsyTube.
  • She doesn't like Halloween.
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