"Mind your own STUPID donuts!" ~ Cake


Personally Edit

She is sassy and not a lot of people like her.

Relationships Edit

Piña Edit

Somehow Cake thinks Piña is Spongebob and Piña doesn't like that! (read: Piña Tropi-Callie (song))

Sweetie Edit

Sweetie let her join a gang and they are friends, which means this was good for Cake. They have a close friendship and sometimes do each other's hair. (just like Boo Scaredy Cat and Pumpkin Candle Light do sometimes)

Trivia Edit

  • Somehow she joined Their Gang all thanks to Sweetie.
  • She doesn't like Tart.
  • People know she loves donuts.
  • She was supposed to be nice, but turned out the opposite of nice.
  • She, Sweetie and Velvet are sassy, despite their personalities of them being sassy.
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