"SYKE!" ~ Candy

Personally Edit

She's kinda awkward. Most people can't stand her.

Interducing Candy Broomsticks

Candy is very awkward most of the time. She is a witch that is a fifth grader and she can make spells. But, some people can't even stand her, so you better watch out from her.

Relationships Edit


Somehow Cloud E. can't stand her, also Candy likes her, but Cloud E. doesn't like her.


In Elttil Yratnemele Candy pushed Alice(because she hates her), to kiss Wacky on the check. Alice doesn't like her and Candy doesn't like Alice.

Trivia Edit

  • She is a witch, also she can make spells out of her book.
    Cartoon Candy
  • If she's a witch would she be a fifth grader, just kidding she's a fifth grader.
  • She awkward most of the time.
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