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"Dude, I know! I think...SEE-MORE STOLE MY GIRL!" ~ Cyborg(Note: He's a TTG character! In my series he's a fifth grader, but he is the same size and the same voice)


He's a nice kid some times, but he often has a rivalry between him and See-More trying to get Jinx.



He and Robin have a good relationship between each other. They have an app called FaceTime, they love Rock Paper Scissors, but Robin gets censored about how Cyborg fallen in love with Jinx.(But, now not)

Beast Boy[]

He and Beast Boy are best friends. They love saying "Waffles", they have been on trips together, and they love funny videos of dogs.


Somehow he and Starfire are friends. They remember Robin being naked in school in forth grade, they had a great day of bunchies who are idiots, and they love the song "Raven was so wrong".


  • He watches the old "Family Feud"!
  • He loves watching "Cartoon Planet"!
  • He hates See-More!
  • He and the other 5th graders watch TTG!
  • He said one time "I think that I'm awesome than See-More!"!
  • He also loves "Codename: Kids Next Door" and "Power Puff Girls"!
  • He is in two gangs: Our Gang and Robin's Gang

List of Friends[]