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Velvet notices that Mammoth doesn't have a girlfriend, so she fakes that she's his girlfriend, but Billy and Sweetie get jealous. Meanwhile Star Butterfly makes something special for everyone else (not the ones who are going to the dance), will it work?


(Meanwhile in fifth grade dance class)

Tippy: Ok, so if you don't have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, just pick one!

Velvet: Actually, I have a boyfriend!

Tippy: Then, who is it?

Velvet: The remaining boy over there!

Mammoth: Yeah!

(Billy and Sweetie get jealous because they know Velvet's just faking it, but they just pretend they aren't jealous)

Everyone else accept for Velvet and Mammoth: Really?

Velvet: Yep, I'm sure he's my boyfriend!

Sweetie: Ok....?

Velvet: (looks at Sweetie) You hesitated!

Sweetie: Who cares! I'm pretty sure Jinx smoochies on her boyfriend!

Jinx: Hey! That's not your business!

Sweetie: (whispers to Jinx) I'm pretty sure me and Billy are jealous of Velvet right now, so they have nothing in common!

Velvet: I heard that Sweetie!

Sweetie: Err.. me and Billy aren't jealous...?

Everyone else accept for Tippy and Sweetie: (facepalm)

Roxie: Velvet! It's on!

Velvet: Oh, it's really on!


(Meanwhile with Star Butterfly at her house with Cloud E.)

Cloud E.: So what are you doing?

Star Butterfly: Making a surprise for everyone else! I'm practicing it!

Cloud E.: Cool! I hope my little sister Breeze enjoys it!

Star Butterfly: Of course she'll enjoy it, it's not like stupid stuff like FNaF!

(Now in the lunchroom with the kindergarteners)

Breeze E.: Anyone heard about that fifth grade dance?

Mallow: Yeah! But we don't have one!

Breeze E.: It's ok! We can have are own dance!

Mallow: Aren't we going to Star Butterfly's house?

Breeze E.: I know! We’re having the dance there!

Matey: Awesome! I pick Whispy!

Whispy: Me?

Matey: Yeah! It's you! Your my girl, remember?

Gizmo: I'd prefer the only couple there would be me and my girl!

Needle: (blushes)

Matey: DUDE! Really!?

Needle and Whispy: (sighs)

Dream: According to the grammar calculations, Star Butterfly seems to have a surprise for everyone else!

Wishes: YAY! (dances and shakes her butt at Streamers)

Gizmo: (looks at the camera) Don't get me started with her in this episode...