Summary Edit

Spot makes a surprise visit the Little Elementary(well tricking) to her rival See-More, saying that she wants some time with him. Jinx thinks it's a trick(which it really is), but See-More is sure that this time Spot maybe wants an art contest. Meanwhile the kindergarteners (not the smart kids) fighting for the remote for the TV, while says "Dibs!".

Transcript Edit

(the episode starts with spot entering the school partly)

Spot: Geez, there's no way my rival will win against me, besides he's gonna be doome-

Jinx: Woah! Woah! Woah! What did you just say!?

Spot: Nothin' at all! Just a SUPRISE visit!

Jinx: I don't believe it at all!

Spot: (leaves Jinx)

Jinx: (mumbling) Piece of artwork junk!


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