"Wanna know something, Robin is a idiot!" ~ Gizmo(note: He's a TTG character, but definitely a kindergartener)

Personally Edit

Well, he's definitely not nice to Robin. And he's really smart. He's smart like Tiny Might, Bundles Snuggle Stuff and Specs Reads-a-Lot. He has a gang, too.

Relationships Edit

Robin Edit

His enemy of corse, Robin makes fun of his size.

Tricky Edit

He and Tricky were once friends, but when Tricky had a game over on FNaF 3, she kicked Gizmo out of the popular group and now not friends anymore.

Specs Edit

They are mostly best friends, sometimes they get competitive when taking tests.

Needle Edit

Somehow he loves Needle, but does she love him back?

Trivia Edit

  • In Slumber Party Style he loves Needle, but does she love him back?
  • He, Bundles, Tiny, and Specs are the smartest.
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