H.I.V.E Five
The H.I.V.E Five (or Gizmo's Gang) are kids that one is a kindergartener and the rest are fifth graders. They rival Teen Titans.


Gizmo (H.I.V.E)

Gizmo is the main leader of this group, he does really smart stuff even though he can be there sometimes for the gang. Gizmo seems to be first smartest of all of them, even though he's only five years old, he still manages to be the leader of the H.I.V.E.. He rivals Cyborg with his tech skills. He has a crush on Needle (with not telling the others), but does Needle love him back is the better question. Also outside of his gang his (mostly) best friend is Specs that he and she most of the time hang out.


Jinx (H.I.V.E)

Jinx is the only member of this group that is a girl, she also has a boyfriend named See-More. In Loser Force HIVE (episode) she formed a group called Loser Force HIVE which really is a sometimes a bummer for the rest (not Gizmo). She's also a dangerous gothic super villain who can shoot powerful hex blasts and manipulate objects (if you know what I mean). She also sometimes lies a lot such as in the two holiday special's Halloween like stupid enough to THROW UP!? and Christmas Music.


See-More (H.I.V.E)

See-More is a member of this group that has is girlfriend Jinx. He's also the helpful member of the group that can shoot lasers out of his eye (on his enemies). In Baby for a Day he explained that when he was five years old he had to do the same thing as Gizmo did. He also hate's Cyborg and Angelica for annoying him, he doesn't even like them. Finally he's an artist (not like the rest of them) and has an art rivalry on Spot Splatter Splash.


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