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"It couldn't be! Why wouldn't Velvet tell me in the first place!?" ~ Jinx

(Note: She's a TTG character! In my series she's a fifth grader, but she is the same size and the same voice.)



She is sometimes dramatic experience the life time in the world.


Cyborg []

She broke up with him because she can't have two boyfriends.. They're not friends anymore somehow and it's unknown..


They're in love with each other..Somehow in the original TT Jinx was in love with Him so we try to bring that back in Little Elementary..


  • She eats Snicker bars and once gotten stolen.
  • She doesn't like horror stories about being killed.
  • She lies a lot of times even in Christmas Music and Halloween like stupid enough to THROW UP!?.
  • Her and some other of the HIVE and Titans are teenagers in TTG while in Little Elementary they're not!
  • She's in love in Cyborg in TTG while in Little Elementary she's in love with See-More!
  • She was Mal from a certain series last year!
  • She has powers of bad luck..
  • However she watches sad movies while Billy, See-More and Mammoth cry during them!
  • She is in Gizmo's gang and Their Gang.

List of Friends[]