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Little Elementary The Movie: Hawaii Island is a movie about the LE fifth graders and kindergartners going to an island.


The LE fifth graders and kindergartners are having summer vacation until their boat is shipwrecked on Hawaii Island! Will Kiwi's sister Mango save LE and make them go back home!?



(It starts with the kindergartners and the fifth graders partying)

Breeze: This is fun!

Mallow: Yeah! We should do this!

Wishes: YAY! Poop!

Whispy: Don't even Wishes, poop is already gross!

Dream: Hey guys! Check this out! LIMBO!

Fright: I'm going last!

Thunder: Yep! We're both going last!

Doodles: Um, who's going first then?

Draw E.: I don't know.

Mimi: Me first! Me first!

Bundles: Let's do this Tiny!

Tiny: Yep! This is gonna go well!

Kiwi: Dance Party!

Spoons: Does anyone else wanna join!

Needle: Sure I guess?

Twirly: Come on! Anyone wanna Limbo?

Specs: How about we combine the two together!

Trinket: No stinking wa-

Matey: I speak for everybody when I say YEAH!

Sprit: Really?

Gizmo: He does mean it! Geez you guys are annoying!

Robin: I'm going to limbo right now in the fifth grade group!

Cyborg: Why limbo Robin!? Beast Boy's going to do it!

Beast Boy: (tries to limbo) Come on!  That's just weird that I lost! I'm was ALWAYS good at limbo, but THIS!?

Raven: Beast Boy, you're in the wrong area!

Starfire: (points at the fifth grade limbo) This is the area!

Jinx: (thinking) Starfire just pointed at the limbo, CRUD!

See-More: (talking about Starfire) Stop pointing at us, yo! You're making us lose balance on which one comes next!

Mammoth: Dude go ahead, I'll go after!

Billy: Thanks!

Star Butterfly: Wow! True friendship right there!

Cloud E.: I know right! That's so nice!

Toasty: Does anyone see my- Oh wait I found my glasses!

Peanut: Then why did you- (sees the boat shipwreck) Uh oh! Don't tell me we're going to shipwreck!

Everyone (except Gizmo): (screaming)

Gizmo: We're fine! Looks like we're going somewhere!

Kiwi: Also know as my sister's place! YAY!

Robin: WHY!? YAY!?