"Maybe a ship is sinking? I don't even know!" ~ Matey
Matey Anchors

Personally Edit

He is just the way he is! He's a nice boy that talks about pirates and of course ships!

Relationships Edit

Breeze Edit

By helping her with a test of ships he knows a lot about Breeze. Him and Breeze have a nice relationship between each other even though they don't know everything!

Dream Edit

By knowing a lot about Dream he decided to be friends with her!(aka Dream was his first friend) She and Matey have a club together by collecting just rocks!?(I don't even know if they collect rocks)

Whispy Edit

Whispy has a crush on Matey just because he wanted to go on a date with her in the future! That was the day when they fell in love!

Trivia Edit

  • He sings 12 Days of Christmas when people aren't around.
  • He likes TTG, plus he likes Billy Numerous and Robin.
  • He doesn't like his sister, but he like Patch...
  • One day he got sea sick on Patch's ship..
  • He wears a TTG shirt sometimes at school, even for picture day..
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