Little Elementary Wikia

Instead of a cafeteria, Little Elementary has this McDonald's style restaurant. It is owned and operated solely by Maddie McBarf, who named the place after herself.

It totally lives up to its name.

Its logo.

Menu items[]

  • Barf McNuggets- made out of beef instead of chicken
  • Barf Macs
  • Gross Fries
  • Gross Burgers
  • Strawberry shakes- which everything in it is expired. Well, the strawberries are spoiled
  • Spoiled apple slices
  • bad tasting GoGurt
  • gross cheeseburgers
  • Unhappy Meals- include Gross Fries, Barf McNuggets, spoiled apple slices, bad tasting GoGurt, gross burger, cheeseburger, spoilt milk or spoilt apple juice


  • Most students at Little Elementary bring lunch from home because they ALL hate McBarf.