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"Already!? I thought it was 4 o'clock am!"

~ Robin(Note: He's a TTG character! In my series he's a fifth grader, but he is the same size and the same voice)


He is a good kid, but in a different way. He's not as funny (likely to be a comedian). He's doesn't like the HIVE, he loves Starfire, and he is more likely to be not the "All American Boy"!


Cyborg []

They are friends in school. They talk about each other's secrets, but sometimes Robin is definitely not wanting Cyborg to date Jinx...


He and Starfire have a love relationship between each other without anyone noticing. He tries to fall in love with her, but she doesn't want to yet...


Somehow Robin tells his jokes to Raven and she likes his jokes so they became friends. Somehow Robin and her sit by each other in class somewhat...

Beast Boy[]

They are friends sometimes. In addition to the point where Beast Boy doesn't even know what to do with Robin he's just going to say "Waffles" to Robin every single time!


  • He hates idiots!
  • He doesn't like people saying he's a drama king, but he is!
  • He, Starfire, Beast Boy and Cyborg are afraid of ghosts!
  • He always says sometimes "WE’RE GONNA DIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEE!"!
  • He does really like the ending of the TTG episode "Scary Figure Dance" while everyone else doesn't!
  • He hates Gizmo, Jinx, See-More, Mammoth and Billy Numerous!
  • He got poked in the butt once aka Gizmo poked Robin in the butt!
  • He is the leader of Robin's gang

List of friends[]