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Trixie wants her friends to go to her house (which her house is haunted), meanwhile Gizmo and Matey watch "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"!

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(now at school)

Trixie: Guys! Your all invited to my house today! It'll be awesome!

Angelica: I'm so going! I hope it's not scary!

Trixie: It's a little, but everyone will get the hang of it! Right?

Everyone else: (scared in fright)

Trixie: (sigh)

(meanwhile at the movies)

Gizmo: Are you exited dude!?

Matey: Oh yeah! We get to see those Jedi's!

Gizmo: Do we already have a club about Star Wars!?

Matey: I know! This movie is going to be great!

Movie Person: Um, excuse me, but how old are you?

(suddenly Gizmo and Matey are sweating)

Gizmo and Matey: Um, we're 13? (their lying about their age, they're 5)

Movie Person: Fine you can see the movie!

Movie Person: But, I must warn you there is violence in this movie.

(Gizmo and Matey whisper to each other)

(now outside of Trixie's house)

Trixie: This is it you guys!


Nora: Yeah, that's her house! (plays mincraft on her phone) Whatever anyone around here! I'm going to kill this creeper right now!


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