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When Breeze, Tiny and Bundles are axadently invited to the girl Fifth Graders Secret Circle, they try to fit in. Meanwhile with the boys Wacky plans to order Chinese food because his grandpa was from China.

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(now in the hallway with Breeze, Tiny and Bundles)

Breeze: Guys guess what I found!

Tiny: (reads the invitation) SECRET CIRCLE!? That sounds fun!

Bundles: Um, are you sure about this?

Breeze and Tiny: Uh, yeah!

Bundles: Okay! Let's go at 6:30 pm!

(suddenly now at Wacky's House)

Robin: (sees power rangers come on Nickelodeon) (gasps) POWER RANGERS IS ON! YAAAAAAS!

Wacky: I know right!? I'll order Chinese food while we're all Going to watch the Mighty Power Rangers!

Robin: Just why would you order Chinese food?

Wacky: Because my grandpa is from China (does one of the characters from Ed Edd n Eddy impression) Rob-boy!

See-More: Rob-boy? (laughs) LOL! I got to text Jinx about this?


See-More: But still, it's funny!

Robin: I can't belive, you Gizmo, Billy, Mammoth and Jinx are the rich kids of the entire school!

Wacky: I didn't know my best friend was rich?


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