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"Fine! I'm going to class then!" ~ See-More(Note: He's a TTG character! In my series he's a fifth grader, but he is the same size and the same voice)

Personally Edit

He's really a white lier! Somehow he hates Cyborg!

Relationships Edit

Jinx Edit

He is in love with her! You know how in the original teen titans where He loves Jinx, we try to bring that back in little elementary!

Cyborg Edit

You guessed it they both hate each other! He didn't like Cyborg in the first place, and the hate thing is unknown!


  • He is in two gangs Gizmo's gang and Their Gang!
  • In Loser Force HIVE he licks one of his fingers then puts in on Billy!

List of friends Edit

  • Gizmo
  • Jinx (girlfriend)
  • Mammoth
  • Billy
  • Velvet
  • Sweetie
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