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The kindergarteners have an insane slumber party.


(Now at Breeze E.'s house with her friends over)

Mallow: I just got an idea! Hear me out, now! We could have a slumber party!

Breeze: Noooooo! Why would we ever have one!?(telling Mallow about her nightmare while playing Scary Terry)

Mallow: You know Breeze E., nightmares aren't even real......

Breeze E.: (sighs) I know, but it looked realistic!

Needle: Something looking realistic means that people can be often idiots..

Doodles: You knew that the whole time?

Needle: Not really, my sister told me..

Breeze, Mallow, Matey, Doodles, Draw E., Wishes, Whispy, Dream, Thunder and Fright: Ohhh...

Wishes: WE SHOULD LOOK UP PEOPLE ON LOLBOOK! (LolBook is a parody of Facebook)

All except Gizmo and Wishes: Um, no!

Gizmo: We shouldn't do it anyways!? It's that completely different from stupid Facebook!

Matey: Um, I think we could uhhh-

All of the girls: SLUMBER PARTY!

Gizmo and Matey: Oh gosh - these girls are going to do this slumber party yet again!

Mallow: How 'bout we make this a GIRLS-ONLY party. That means no boys allowed...including you!

Breeze: Now SCRAM!

Gizmo: Whatever. We don't have to go on LOLBook and look up random people.

Mallow: But still! You boys ruin everything!

Dream: This was supposed to be a parody of "Slumber Party", and I think it's becoming a parody of "Boys vs. Girls"...

Wishes: Stop talking to yourself.

Bundles: (opens the door) HEY, I HEARD YOU WERE HAVING A PARTY! CAN I COME?!

Breeze: Why not?

Needle: Why can't we give the boys a chance?

Breeze and Mallow: (sighs) Fine....

Bundles: Great! I love boys!

Needle: I know an idea we can play truth or dare!

Bundles: Good idea!


Needle:(giggles)I wonder if I'm going to pick dare...?

Gizmo: I dare you to date me when we're sixteen, and you'll say "I love you Gizmo."!

Needle: I was going to pick truth...

Gizmo: Would you do any of those things?

Needle: (shakes her head no)

Gizmo: I'll just be in the bathroom.....

Bundles: Be in the bathroom?

Matey: I know what's going to happen!

(Now in the bathroom)

Gizmo:(enters) Why Gizmo why!? You just had to be stupid! Needle thinks your a jerk! I took care of her pet all day yesterday! (leaves)

(now back in the front room)

Bundles: I got a good dare!

Doodles: What is it?

Bundles: Okay. So first, take off your shoe.

Doodles: Alright. (Takes off shoe)

Breeze: Uh...what's that smell?

Wishes: (whispering to Breeze) I think it's doodles' shoe...

Bundles: Now, put it on your head!

Doodles: Um...okay?! (Puts her shoe on her head) Is that all?

Bundles: Now, hold your nose and sing "How Bad Can I Be?"

Doodles: That song's, like, 5 years old!

Bundles: If you don't sing it, I won't make you popcorn.

Doodles: Oh, fine. (Sings "How Bad Can I Be?", then puts her shoe back on.) Where's my popcorn?

Bundles: I'm not making it until we watch the movie!

Mallow: What movie?

Breeze: Don't you remember? We were gonna watch Froz-

Everyone except Breeze: NO! ANYTHING BUT FROZEN!

Breeze: Sorry, I meant we were going to watch a better movie. THE HERO OF COLOR CITY!

Needle: That's better.

Bundles: Yeah, it sucks, but hey, it's better than Frozen...

Matey: I'll just be in the bathroom!

(Matey goes in the bathroom and noticed that Gizmo left one of his shoes)

Matey:(enters)What is th- Gizmo always does this at every slumber party...

Gizmo:(enters yet again)Hey! Where's my- DANG IT!

Matey: That shoe dude! You always leave it in the bathroom!

Gizmo: Yeah, just don't tell anyone else this! I love that girl with the blue skin!

Matey: No wonder Needle does not love you...?(hears someone knock on the door in the front room)I'll get it!(leaves)

Gizmo: Yeah, if they need the bathroom tell them I'm in their!(puts one of his shoes back on)(leaves)

(now back in the front room where Matey knows who coming)

Twirly:(open the door)Hi! I heard there's a party! Can I come!?

Breeze: Yeah! WOOOOOO! We're watching "The Hero of Color City" wanna watch?

Twirly: I know a better movie! Inside Out! WOOOOOO!

Gizmo:(thinking)No wonder there's not many boys in this class!

Bundles: INSIDE OUT! INSIDE OUT! We don't need no stinkin' Hero of-

Breeze: I don't even have Inside Out! You like The Hero of Color City...right?

Mallow: Well, it's better than Frozen...

Matey: I thought Frozen was better. And I have the best dare! I dare all the girls to build a blanket fort!

Twirly: YEAH! I can build a fort! Even one of those fortune ones!

Breeze: But, I don't know how to make a blanket fort!

Twirly: I'll teach ya! Bottom to top!

Whispy:(uses her time to build a blanket fort then stops using her time)Done!

Bundles: That took 1 second to do that!

Whispy: I'm usually a pro at some stuff!

Twirly: Even weight?


Tiny:(arrives)Hi guys!

Breeze: Tiny you were late

Tiny: I got stuck in traffic. Anyway, I brought INSIDE OUT TO WATCH!!

All: YAY!

(later, they head into the blanket fort living room to watch inside out)


Gizmo: If you want to know the endin-

Tiny: Do not spoil it!

Matey: I think I need the bathroom(he doesn't need the toilet and goes in the bathroom)

Bundles: What's wrong with him?

Twirly: I know what's going on in their! He's gonna kind of brush his mouth like usual..

Breeze: Oh no! Not on my-

(Suddenly, the TV changes it to a Courage the Cowardly Dog episode all because of Gizmo)

Gizmo: WOO HOO!

Needle: Did you seriously have to change it to that thing!?

Mallow: Ew! A giant cockroach in the show!

Breeze: Now the dog is going to the third door, I know what's going to happen here!

Matey: I'm bac- WHAT HAPPENED!?

Needle: (pauses it right on the Violin Girl's face) Gizmo changed it all because-


Breeze: Oh gosh - this is my least favorite episode!

Gizmo: I know an idea we could pretend to be the villains of the series!

Wishes: Who are the villains?

Doodles: Well, we got the dad for once!

Thunder E.: We also have um, is that cockroach person named Bushwick, but they like to call themselves Schwick?

Fright: Pretty much.

Breeze: They're also others like Katz, Freaky Fred, King Ramses, La Quack, The Chick from Outer Space and the Violin Girl.


TIndy and Bundles: Well, she's nightmare fuel.



  • Dream breaks the fourth wall in this episode with her "parodying" line.
  • It says that Gizmo loves Needle, but she love him back?
  • Gizmo left his right shoe in the bathroom.
  • Matey knows Twirly because they're next door neighbors.
  • "How Bad Can I Be?" is from The Lorax.
  • The Hero of Color City is a movie for kindergarteners.
  • The Courage the Cowardly Dog episode the kindergarteners are watching is "Courage and the Big Stinkin’ City".