"So if you love the history, then why is that the true?"

~ Starfire(Note: She's a TTG character! In my series she's a fifth grader, but she is the same size and the same voice)

Personally Edit

She is sweet friend! She does like her pet Slikie, likes Jinx sometimes, and loves Robin sometimes..

Relationships Edit

Raven Edit

Her and Raven are friends. They love talking about school, but sometimes Raven is censored about have Starfire hanging out with Jinx.

Robin Edit

They both are in love sometimes. Robin mainly gets censored about how Starfire hangs out with Jinx sometimes. They both sit by each other at lunch and Robin thinks about her.


  • She is in Robin's gang.
  • In Dance Jealous she does a facepalm which no one has seen before.

List of friendsEdit

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