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Part 1[]

(The episode starts in the lunchroom with the fifth graders)

Robin: Guys! Can you feel it!

Cyborg: No! And I don't think I want to!

Beast Boy: Me too bro!

Robin: But I can! Someone told me today was going to be! SPECIAL!

Starfire: Robin! How is it the special?

Robin: The person said we would have an half hour special into two parts!

Cloud E.: This will be epic I can tell you that!

Robin: Yes and we will make it awesome for people all around the wor-

Raven: I'm kinda busy. When does this go down?

Robin: Just wait for it! It's gonna be special!

(the air conditioner broke down)

Velvet: It seems like the air conditioning broke down!

Robin: SPECIAL!!!!

Mammoth: Dude! Didn't we have that time before?

See-More: And that wasn't special at all!

Jinx: Didn't that thing already broke down since we were in second grade!?

Robin: I am telling you this will be special! From this broken air conditioner we will go on some adventures!

Billy: I love specials! Even ones for like 24 hours!

Juniper: (sighs) I wish me, Anise, Saffron and Nutmeg can go to our land.....

Robin: Your land? You mean that door and next to it is a fork in the road?

Anise: Yes, to find Sesame!

Saffron: And Lavender as well!

Robin: OK! Let's say special one more time!

Nutmeg: I'M HYPED!

Robin: (pulls out a map where it goes to Lala-Oopsie Land to Jump City) WOAH! LOOK AT THAT!

Sweetie: What is it?

Robin: Look at that land!

Beast Boy: I just got some spicy Doritos! Yo!

Cyborg: Let's have some one the way!

Robin: Great! Let's see where it takes us!

Jinx, See-More, Mammoth and Billy: (sigh)

(now they go outside of the school, then they go into Lala-Oopsie land and then everyone is surprised)

Peanut: Won't ya look at that!

Cloud E.: I know right? This land looks amazing!

Starfire: Look at the fountains! They look the beautiful!

Juniper: Yeah! Plus you can stay at my kingdom or Anise's kingdom!

Robin: I love that kingdom you got there!

Anise: Thank you! That's pretty sweet!

Juniper: Aren't we looking for Lavender and Sesame?

Anise: Yeah! But let's stay at a kingdom so Oops won't find us!


Saffron: Robin! Stop saying special for the millionth time!

Raven: I so agree with her. And if anyone gets on that boat I'll say "Please, don't go on there it's someone's boat.".

Robin: Let's go in the water or should I say milk!(splashed in the milk and then swimming in it)

(The rest of the fifth graders go in it as well and pause for 5 seconds)

Robin: I just found a warm spot!

See-More: Ew! That's disgusting!(gets out)

Robin: This is really relaxing my butt!

Beast Boy: That's part of justice bro!

Billy: I'm in!

See-More: No you really don't and we should all get out!

Robin: Good i- BEAST BOY! WHY DID YOU PEE IN THAT MILK! Since today is...SPECIAL! We should find those two that I can't remember there names!

Nutmeg: Sesame and Lavender?

Robin: Yeah, that's the names I've been looking for!

Saffron: We need to go in a castle quick so Oops can't catch us!

(Now in Anise's kingdom with her friends in it)

Anise: Yeah, this is my place so do any you like!

Cyborg: I know an idea! (sings YMCA) Young man, there's no need to feel down! I said young man, pick yourself on the ground! I said young man, 'cause you're in a new town-

See-More: I don't want to be a young man!!!

Starfire: Why the not? You're the young man!

See-More: Wait, where's Billy?

Mammoth: Doing the pee-pee dance in front of a camera!

Billy: People want to see this then look at me! (doing to pee-pee dance)

Jinx: Get away from there! No one likes to see that!

Billy: Oh yeah they do! (does the pee-pee dance again)

(Raven uses a magic spell the turn off a the camera and get Billy back to his seat)

Raven: That was stupid of you to do that..!

Robin: At least someone gotten something in mind!

Peanut: Yeah!

Part 2[]

(the episode starts at Anise's kingdom with her friends)

Juniper: Guys I just realized something!

Everyone else: What is it!

Juniper: Um, this might be bad! SESAME AND LAVENDER ARE TRAPPED BY OOPS!

Everyone else: (gasps)

Billy: Can we go on that boat!?

Anise: Oh gosh - he's an idiot!

See-More: I agree! We just might have to work this out!

Juniper: And Oops also trapped the KINDERGARTENERS! Great....

Cloud E.: Dang it! Why did she do that!?

Saffron: I don't know. But we need to act like serious people!

Robin: Let's do it! TITANS (whispers) and everyone else (stops whispering) GO!

(now at Oops castle inside)

Oops: So, you think you can stand a chance to escape?

Bundles: Maybe.. (bites the cage)

Tiny: How is that going to work?

Bundles: Because people told me one time "Bite a cage!"!

Oops: Say goodbye! (laughs)

(The fifth graders enter)

Nutmeg: Well hello miss perfect perfect..

Oops: Why do I even stand you people?

Cyborg: Dang it! I need to sing my song! (sings YMCA again) Young man, there's no need to feel down! I said young man, pick yourself on the ground! I said young man, 'cause you're in a new town-

See-More: For the millionth time I don't want to be a young man!

Lavender: Can you at least get US and the KINDERGARTENERS out of this cage!?

Oops: Nah! I would rather put you IDIOTS in lava!

Beast Boy: I need the bathroom! I'll just let it out!(Oh no he's gonna pee)

Oops: Disgusting! (faints)

All except Oops: YEAH, SHE'S DEAD!

Jinx: (shudders) What is that awful smell!?

Mammoth: The green guy peeing!

Sesame: Yeah, let's get out of here and I and some other people can't get out!

Cyborg: I got an idea! Dude, clone yourself!

Billy: Why?

Cyborg: To break them out of the cage!

Billy: Alright fine...

Billy#2: Hey Billy! What did you need me for?

Billy: Cyborg's STUPID idea! (throws Billy#2 at the cage)

Robin: Nothing's working!

Raven: Wait, I think there is a code thing!(types in the code)

(Somehow the cage opens)

(the episode ends with them going out of Lala-Oopsie Land)

The End