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It's Velvet's birthday! Sweetie is so excited for her B-day, but when Velvet leaves the gang and isn't Sweetie's friend anymore (a.k.a. Velvet wants Sweetie to spoil the Birthday Party), She makes Cake replace Velvet, but the gang wants to make Velvet's party so awesome that Velvet wants to join again!


(It starts with Their Gang talking)

Velvet: OMG! Tomorrow's my Birthday! (does a victory dance)

Sweetie: I'm so glad! I wonder what you want!

Velvet: I want that Chiwi Chiwawa red velvet cake!

Sweetie: Um, okay?

Velvet: And a song!

Sweetie: I bet a famous person is gonna do it! Like Justin Bieber!

Velvet: OMG! I love him! Can you spoil it?

Sweetie: No.

Velvet: How rude! (walks away)

Sweetie: (sigh) HEY CAKE!

Cake: What is it!?

Sweetie: Come join our group! Were making a surprise birthday party!

Cake: I'm in!

(Meanwhile with kindergarteners)

Breeze: Guys! Tomorrow it's my favorite type of cake day!

Gizmo: You meant red velvet. (cell phone ringing) Hello?

Jinx: Hey Gizmo! A girl named Cake just joined my group!

Gizmo: Well, don't bother me I know what day it is tomorrow!

Jinx: What!?

Gizmo: Yep! Lauren Tom's birthday!

Jinx: I thought it was also Velvet's birthday!

Gizmo: (sigh) (hangs up) Sorry about that Breeze! Jinx called me!

Breeze: Who's Jinx?

Gizmo: My teammate! (cell phone rings again) WHO IS IT!?

See-More: Hey.

Gizmo: I'm so sorry!

See-More: It's fine. Just let me look like Justin Bieber tomorrow!

Jinx, Mammoth, Billy, Sweetie and Cake: WHAT!?

Gizmo: JUSTIN BIEBER!? (laughs)

Breeze: Is that See-More?

Gizmo: I have to go! (hangs up) Yeah.

(Now in the lunchroom again)

See-More: Why can't I just do it already, yo!?

Jinx: Because everyone will think you're that person and Velvet will fall in love with you.




  • It says that Velvet loves Justin Bieber, which everyone else already knows that.