Little Elementary Wikia

"Oh yeah! I love biscuits!" ~Velvet



She is sometimes nice, but she has a very odd side and can be a bit sassy. She enjoys bugging the kindergarteners. When you say "biscuits", she goes crazy!


Sweetie Candy Ribbon[]

Sweetie is this gal's only friend, because Sweetie is sassy (despite her name) and nobody really likes her. Velvet is the only one who likes Sweetie because Sweetie buys her snacks (read: BISCUITS).


  • She and Wishes love biscuits, but she doesn't like gravy!
  • She loves the song "Surfin' Bird" (but she calls it "Bird is the word") along with Billy Numerous!
  • She agrees with Sweetie all the time!
  • She likes Water, but Water doesn't like her sadly.
  • In fourth grade she saw Robin naked in school, she still remembers it and embarrassed him!
  • She loves Wonder Pets! (since she loved it in third grade or kindergarten)
  • She’s happy that Sweetie buys her snacks!
  • In Lalaloopsy and Little Elementary, she loves chocolate milk!
  • In Lalaloopsy, Velvet has two bears, but in Little Elementary she doesn't! She has 100 hamsters!