Little Elementary Wikia


Somehow the older kids try to get revenge from McBarf! But what if they discover See-More's colors?


(Now in the lunch room with the older kids)

Starfire: I don't know what the McBarf is..

Robin: Starfire, It's actually pronounced... (clears throat) We don't even know what McBarf is!

Peanut: Oh please! McBarf is a not a good restaurant! Besides we shouldn't discuss about it!

Cloud E.: You know Peanut, you can bring lunch from home....

Peanut: I don't even know how to make a PB&J sandwich!

Raven: You just get two pieces of bread, put peanut butter on one end and the jelly on the other end.....

Starfire: (giggles) The advice gives you the whole day!

Cyborg: The advice from Raven?

Beast Boy: Besides Rae-Rae is so better than Terra!

Robin: I thought you loved her!

Beast Boy: I love my mama!

Raven: (looks at Robin) Aka he means me.....

(Everyone just pauses a little bit)

Sweetie: So you're saying that it was a good day for Billy?

Robin: Not that! It's just McBarf is gross!

Peanut: (looks at the McBarf menu) Well I wasn't expecting a lot of choices from STUPID McBarf.

Velvet: Okay! Why do we have to deal with McBarf!? They're not even good cooks!

Robin: I have a plan, a good one and no it's not evil!

Billy: The what!?

Robin: We have to bring lunches from home so we can do the right thing! Yes we have to make them and it doesn't matter what it is!

Beast Boy: So I can make a cheese sandwich!?

Robin: That's right! Who's with me?

(Every older kid raises their hand)

Robin: Now let's get serious here!

Jinx: So we just make are lunch?

Robin: Yep! Make your own lunch!

Mammoth: What happens if you're not a good cook?


See-More: Now he's just madness here!

Jinx: I agree!

(Meanwhile with Fright and Thunder E. in the hallway)

Fright: I don't think I been to Jump City...

Thunder E.: Me ether, it's like a snot of clouds.

Fright: Yeah! Since we're tomboys we never use makeup, we use dirt for makeup!

Thunder E.: Yeah! The girls are so much worse!

(Now at the Titans Tower with the HIVE)

Robin: Today Titans we're going to check the HIVE's emotions!

(Gizmo, Jinx, Mammoth, See-More and Billy look at Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy)

Robin: Now let's start with one of these people. Who wants to go first?

Jinx: (sighs) I'm going to do it!

(Now inside a room where jinx emotions well, um I don't know! This is similar to Some of Their Parts aka SoTP is a TTG episode)

Cyborg: Those girls look handsome...

Green Jinx (bored): I'm so bored....

Robin: Nope! (zaps the green Jinx)

Red Jinx (anger): DID YOU MAKE THIS STAFF!?(breaks Robin's staff)

Robin: NOOOOOOO!(zaps the red jinx)

Purple Jinx(passion): Do I love See-More..........

Robin: Sorry, you're not going to live long!(zaps the purple jinx)

Pink Jinx:(happy): YAAA-

Robin: Not even happening!(zaps the pink jinx)

Gray Jinx(sadness): Everyone is after me!(cries)

Robin: Wow....ok let's not deal with anyone who this is!(zaps the gray jinx)

Jinx: What just happened!?

Robin: We don't even know....NOW LETS CHECK BILLY'S!

Billy: AAA-

(now in the room again)

Raven: Billy is just Billy...

Orange Billy(lazy): You go on ahead without me...

Robin: Let me get rid of that!(zaps the orange billy)

Darkish Green Billy(barfy):(throwing up)

Robin: That's gross..(zaps the darkish green billy)

Purple Billy(passion): I want Swe-

Robin: NO!(zaps the purple billy)

Blue Billy(crazy):(bites Robin's arm)

Robin: AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!(zaps the blue billy)

Pink Billy(happy): YAY! NO SCHOOL ON CHR-

Robin: That's enough!(zaps the pink billy)


Robin: Next Mammoth!

Mammoth: Wait! WHA-

(now in the room yet again)

Beast Boy: These guys look like they been through a war!

Robin:(slaps Beast Boy) BEAST BOY! This wasn't with you!


Robin: Okay...NO!(zaps the yellow mammoth)

Red Mammoth(anger): I'M GOING TO KI-

Robin: Nope!(zaps the red mammoth)

Pink Mammoth(happy):(dances)

Robin: Now you are not going to make it!(zaps the pink mammoth)

Green Mammoth(bored):(slacks off)

Robin: NO! NOT HAPPENING!(zaps the green mammoth)

Blue Mammoth(crazy):(puts a bowl of rice on his head)HA!

Robin: Not even close!(zaps the blue mammoth)


Robin: Then we're going to you know who Cyborg!

See-More: Ok I'm ready!

Cyborg: Dang it!

(now in the room and again)

Starfire: Looks like Raven's, but one of them is smart to replace the sad one!

Brown See-More(smart): Ok! Five times five equals twenty five!

Robin: Good Job, but I don't want you!(zaps the brown see-more)

Purple See-More(passion): I love that girl with the pink hair and the pink eyes.......

Robin: Not even close!(zaps the purple see-more)

Red See-More(anger): YOU IDIOT!(shooting a lazer at Robin and Robin avoides it)

Robin: No! You're not going to be here!(zaps the red see-more)

Orange See-More(lazy): Just go ahead with your stupid te-

Robin: Nope!(zaps the orange see-more)

Pink See-More(happy): Happy Birthda-

Robin: ITS NOT EVEN MY BIRTHDAY!(zaps the pink see-more)

See-More: I don't even want to know what just happened!

Robin: And finally the leader that looks like a five ye-

Gizmo: YOU ID-

Robin: Too late!

(now in the room another time again)

Robin: These look like goo-(the red gizmo slaps him)

Red Gizmo(anger): You idiot! Now it's payback time!

Robin: Unacceptable!(zaps the red gizmo)

Gray Gizmo(sad): Everyone is aft-

Robin: They're not!(zaps the gray gizmo)

Brown Gizmo(smart): Well since we know gravity we could definitely destroy the world!

Robin: NEVER!(zaps the brown gizmo)

Pink Gizmo(happy): What the matter dewbbie!? You think I'll win this time!?

Robin: Now this one is idiotic!(zaps the pink gizmo)

Blue Gizmo(crazy): HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH-

Robin: Seems he's crazy! I'm going to get rid of him!(zaps the blue gizmo)



(now at school in the lunchroom with the older kids yet again)

Mammoth: How about that time where Billy played duck duck goose in school!

(shows the flashback)

Starfire:(taps Robin's head)The duck!(taps Cyborg's head)The duck!

Cyborg:(thinking)Why am I not the goose!?

Starfire:(taps Billy's head)The goose!

Billy: I AM THE GOOSE! THE GOOSE! I'M COMING FOR YA!(he chases Stafire)

Starfire:(runs away from billy while she is being chased after him)AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!(during the while Starfire is running from billy See-More does a faceplam)

(stops showing the flashback)

Billy: You know that was the best moment!

Robin: I know let's do things that people did before TV after school!

Beast Boy: Yeah!

Velvet: I'm not sure about that!

(shows a flashback with the older kids at a parade)

Cyborg: This is a PARADE!?

Robin: It's just people walking!

Starfire: Is this how people celebrate the parades!?

Beast Boy: It's just marching band after marching band after MARCHING BAND!

Raven: Look at that man spinning that paton! Ok I'm bored!



Mammoth: Why are they moving slow!?


Velvet: Those decorations SUCK!

Sweetie: Why do you don't move faster like Kid Flash!?

Peanut: You know I want to be in that parade!

Cloud E.: Me too!

All except Cloud E. and Peanut: BOO! YOU SUCK!

(Stops showing the flashback)

Beast Boy: Guys! I found this prism again!

Cyborg: And I know who to do it on!(throws it at See-More)Hit it!

See-More: CYBORG! WHY DID YOU- (possibly same thing as a TTG episode called "Colors of Raven")

Everyone else except for Cyborg: (gasps)

Billy: Oh no! We just split See-More back into his four selfs!

Jinx: I thought they were five of him!

Billy: Are you sure? Zero one tw-

Mammoth: You don't start at zero when you count!

Billy: Oh yeah right! Oh no! We just split five versions of See-More!

Robin: We should bring the five emoticlones to my tower! Even know I hate him I would do this!

Raven: Indeed.

(Now at the Titans tower again this time with the other the fifth graders with no younger kids)

Orange See-More (lazy): (falls asleep)

Cyborg: Dude! Look at him! This is going to be go-

Red See-More (anger): (slaps Cyborg in the face) YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AN IDIOT!

Starfire: (gasps) Cyborg are you the alright?

Cyborg: I'm okay! (gets slapped in the face again) And I just got slapped again by STUPID!

Robin: Well comedies are the best thing to watch!

Pink See-More (happy): Comedies make me laugh!

Red See-More (anger): (punching Cyborg in the face)

Cyborg: Ow! What was the for!

Red See-More (anger): Because I love comedies!

Mammoth: Dude! What are you doing?

Robin: We're there five of them? Plus which one are you talking to?

Mammoth: That brown one!

Brown See-More (smart): Just looking up what responsibility is.

Cloud E.: Ok! What are horror movies like?

Brown See-More (smart): They're usually gross!

Billy: (watching to Purple See-More kiss Jinx) Man, why does he always love Jinx?