"O CAKE!? I'M O POOP!" ~ Wishes

Wishes Slice O Cake
Cartoon Wishes

Personailty Edit

She is a airhead that is way annoying then anyone else! She sounds like even worse than a ninie!

Relationships Edit

Whispy Edit

Her and Whispy have a common relationship! Whispy gets easily annoyed by Wishes and then Whispy gets mad at herself and does a facepalm every single time when Wishes gets annoying!

Breeze Edit

Her and Breeze have a common relationship too! Wishes annoyed Breeze like an half an hour one time and Breeze got sick of it!

Trivia Edit

  • She is a idiot.
  • In Christmas Music she made a cake out of poop which is really gross...
  • She and Velvet love biscuits, and wishes loves gravy.
  • Somehow she pukes when seeing See-More and Jinx kiss.
  • Her birthday is unknown just like her sister..
  • In lalaloopsy she is friends with Giggly, but in Little Elementary she is not.
  • She calls herself "Wishes Slice O Poop" which is kinda weird....
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